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botany & desire

S cegliereecoltivarelep Hyas that are most helpful may seem like just one of the ways in which men are involved on the nature.

But we try to reverse the perspective: and if they were to choose the plants man, leveraging on its needs and adapting to them? Lo hanno “tamed”, have guaranteed his covenant, took advantage of his interest to play them. Michael Pollan has selected four emblematic – He mela, Tulip, cannabis, Potato – intimately related to human desires : sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control.

“Botany Desiderio” traces the history of political, social, Economic and our planet's natural from the point of view of these organisms, demonstrating, with humor and directness, and between us and them is a reciprocal relationship. (da


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michael pollan

"Am I to plant one plant or plant is to decide that I cried ...?” I primi semi di questo libro sono stati piantati nel mio giardino, while I was spreading really. Bury the seeds is an enjoyable activity, little repetitive and not excessive commitment, which leaves an amount of space to other thoughts. In quel

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uno sguardo oltre il velo

There is a phenomenon in the Psychology of Perception, for which the gradual exposure, long and continued, to a stimulus of any nature, rende alla fine quello stimolo invisibile. “The Mafia is a Mountain of Shit” said Peppino Impastato, and not intended to refer only to what in fact is the Mafia, ma anche al fatto che nessuno dei

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