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REPORT Spannabis & gt; * Barcelona 11-13 |mar|2016

A B a r c e l l o n a , z o n a C a t a l u n y a , the fair più appassionata del continente ha chiuso ieri i battenti con un incremento di pubblico e di espositori.
OnAir has met the organizers and raised its stake to the edition ventura.
We are witnessing a great management company, a location, la Feira de Cornella, Functional and well connected, and a tune Excellent between Event and City: praticamente tutto quello che è mancato e attualmente manca agli Eventi Italiani nel settore della Cannabis/Canapa.
start digest un po’ di esperienza di Spannabis, starting from the issues of “belly” or stomach, if you prefer….
We have not eaten well in Spannabis, indeed, the restaurant sent someone on the bench, while someone else was saved by “instinct of OnAir”…
External stand for restaurants, however, were not very different from those of any Fair, except for the ubiquitous idem SativaAlimentare. And that brings to what I said a few days ago to a Dutch friend, that is what, beyond the numbers, il clima migliore in fatto di fiere cannabiche italiane si respira al sud (see CanapainMostra Naples) where l’harmony between food, industrial and cannabico It has always been a plus, and where there is a real chance to eat well and be comfortable in outdoor relaxation areas worthy of the name.

I think that the volume of business of Spannabis would dwarf the financial statements of some small Italian town. Yet moments relax e di PuraBuonaVibra non sono mancati. Ed è stato magico feel at home, anche lontani da casa.

Intanto però il nostro saluto va a tutti gli amici che abbiamo incontrato, some for the first time, and to those with whom we have not had time to talk…but you know how it is: ship late loading door!!!
Just returned to the station, per weekend, we will publish a more detailed SPANNABIS/OnAir FULL REPORT, with our reflections, some anecdotes, and the supernice mountain pictures that we have collected. I will try to convey everything that lives in the world with the largest Spannabis Visual Report Completo e con il BARCELONA CSC SOCIAL REP >> by SecretWindows of OnAir…in mid-April on Ranked # 5 – PATIENCE BRING-WE TAKE THE REST –
See you soon then,…and eye on the horizon!
But I want to leave with final thought:
Anyone who thinks that we can separate the reasons and interests of HEMP FOOD AND INDUSTRIAL those of LUDICA or MEDICAL CANNABIS.
It is wrong even more who perceives the Movement for RIGHT OF CANNABIS even as a problem for the industrial sector.
Because the plant is A.
e UNA è la questione centrale di diritto e di civiltà. Right to information and freedom of movement of knowledge…and clearly self-cultivation RIGHT TO UNIVERSAL.
And then we reflect: Food has no THC hemp, yet it is always discriminated against and hidden as a resource; così come è occultata la verità scientifica sulla a-tossicità del THC e la sua assoluta necessità per contrastare ed eliminare i tumori.
A single point: the concealment of the truth!
For this arose OnAir: per SPRIGIONARE REALTA

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