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uno sguardo oltre il velo

There is a phenomenon in the Psychology of Perception, for which the gradual exposure, long and continued, to a stimulus of any nature, rende alla fine quello stimolo invisibile. “The Mafia is a Mountain of Shit” said Peppino Impastato, and not intended to refer only to what in fact is the Mafia, but also to the fact that none of his fellow citizens seemed to feel the most suffocating stench, immersed as they were up to the neck in the mire of the Cosa Nostra. The same thing happens with the swamp of prejudice, clichés, knowledge acquired “hearsay on TV”, CONVENTIONS.

Ma la VITA ha un carattere essenzialmente non-convenzionale – dice OnAir – and live to conventions is like wanting to nurture looking at pictures laminated menu of a fast-food!

GO FOR THE FIELDS, therefore, to seek your vegetables, to grow your tomatoes, to pick lemons and drinking bottled water from fresh source of YOUR DESIRE. Push YOUR LOOKING BEYOND THE CRUMPLED BROWSE THE CONVENTION. And you will not regret…Because’ THEN SURELY uncharted territory will not miss the appointment MORE’ IMPORTANTE DELLA VOSTRA VITA: ONE WITH YOURSELF! > * 😉

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