Daya e la Green Medicine Revolution in Cile

Q u e s t a d o l c i s s i m a b i m b a d i n o m e EMILIA, that thanks to the Cannabis defeated a brain tumor, It is the small testimonial Project Daya, the first, in all of Latin America, which provides for the legal cultivation of medicinal cannabis.
The FUNDACION DAYA is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote research and alternative therapies to relieve human suffering.
The documentary follows -available unabridged YouTube– shows the world a model of development of health policies related to cannabis and MANAGED BY THE PEOPLE.
Save it! Cannabis is a World Heritage Site '. It can not be left in the clutches of companies who think only of profit.
The documentary film of Geek Media, It is produced by Paradise Seeds, the Dutch seeds company always actively involved in the dissemination and promotion of information, initiatives and projects related to medical cannabis.