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the experience of Taranto

N o n è p i ù s e g r e t o o r m a i : agriculture, Oil bricks tissue to fuel, Hemp is a plant with great potential to regenerate environment and economy. Let's see why.

It can be used in agriculture to make always optimal for subsequent crops and for eliminate the problem of weeds without the use of poisons.It can be used to produce clothes, to produce cooking oil, to produce energy. In particular, in the production of fuel, the dry matter of Hemp can be made into charcoal, methanol, methane or benvolgut. The process for doing this is called "fractional distillation" or "pyrolysis".

It can be used in construction in combination with the lime for curtain walls of buildings and plasters: has enormous capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, biological, unlike the cement and quartz and other chemical products. Through the combination of the wood / hemp fiber with a resin can obtain panels of different thickness and density used in the building sector, the Arredamento, il design.

Hemp is an excellent raw material to produce organic paper.It 'also appreciated in the medical field. To produce hemp must proceed with great planting.

The cultivation of cannabis is simple and allows you to keep the soil conditions are ideal for growing medium as it is particularly soft thanks to the work product from its roots.

The cultivation of cannabis results in a huge benefit to the environment as it allows to perform the work of a huge number of trees.

So you think you can convert the land around Ilva Taranto for disinquinarli but also to make the air more breathable. Planting hemp in grounds full of dioxin within 20 km Ilva is to create a true green belt around Ilva able to significantly reduce dioxin and CO2.

Made in Taranto Taranto ® and CNA are in contact with C.A.N.A.P.A., a working group with offices in the province of Bari who has long worked to improve the knowledge of hemp and its properties in various tradii. C.A.N.A.P.A. has also created a network of manufacturers in the construction industry aimed at creating eco-sustainable buildings.


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