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WHERE AND’ THE NIGHT? Palermo>*12|12|15

I n c o n t r o / dibattitosul Sunset Prohibition Cannabis and the Law in Italy and video presentation of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour and the next edition of 2016. A year after the birth of OnAir and six …

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L’Erba Voglio>*Milano_|20|apr|15

G i u s e p p e C i v a t i insieme all’Associazione Nazionale Antiproibizionisti e con è possibile promuovono un evento dal titolo “L’Erba Voglio: legalizzare è giusto e conviene”. La serata avrà luogo presso l’Auditorium di Milano alle ore 21 di lunedì 20 aprile. QUI IL LINK ALL’EVENTO  

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Care prohibited – Interview with Marco Ternelli, pharmacist

HERE ARE BEHIND THE BUREAUCRACY CANNABIS MEDICAL in ITALY >* 😉 illuminante! Posted on YouTube 16 set 2014 da www.fainotizia.it

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Secret Cup>*Napoli*15|feb|15

Secret Cup 2015 -The SECRET CUP is a moment of COMPARISON between lovers cultivation- The spirit of the initiative aims to generate, through a free exchange of information, practices and to know, a formative value collective and common growth. There is a Antiprohibitionism facade A '”activism easy ", rosewater, done for trend, per moda …

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Liberarsi dai vampiri>*

Let's get rid even in Italy by parasites that infest our car the RIGHT and OUR ECONOMY. Free ourselves DAI …VAMPIRES prohibitionists >* NEVER TOO LATE to release ENERGY LIGHT ... .There is NEVER TOO LATE TO RETURN TO REVISE THE SUN >* Worldwide are clear the disastrous effects of the so-called “war …

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Growing as the path of Liberation Staff

FREEDOM’ comes from our heart, we discover every day, when faced with the IMPOSSIBLE’ dictated by SYSTEM OUTSIDE, instead we decide to fight and to invent a way to NOT STOP BEING OURSELVES. And’ a struggle waged moment by moment, first of all within us, against our negative aspects, And’ a struggle “transformative” …

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Beppe Grillo on hemp (video YouTube)

Excerpt from a play by Beppe Grillo's 2006.

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