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CanapaInMostra-2nd edition>*Napoli*16-18ott|2015 – Visual Insight Report&Photogallery

I l u o g h i c o m u n i n o n c i p i a c c i o n o. Anzi non li sopportiamo. But is it really true that there are times when words are not enough to tell life moments and moments …

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L’Erba Voglio>*Milano_|20|apr|15

G i u s e p p e C i v a t i insieme all’Associazione Nazionale Antiproibizionisti e con è possibile promuovono un evento dal titolo “L’Erba Voglio: legalizzare è giusto e conviene”. La serata avrà luogo presso l’Auditorium di Milano alle ore 21 di lunedì 20 aprile. QUI IL LINK ALL’EVENTO  

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Secret Cup>*Napoli*15|feb|15

Secret Cup 2015 -The SECRET CUP is a moment of COMPARISON between lovers cultivation- The spirit of the initiative aims to generate, through a free exchange of information, practices and to know, a formative value collective and common growth. There is a Antiprohibitionism facade A '”activism easy ", rosewater, done for trend, per moda …

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The Grass – Socket Direct Rai Tre's bet 14|set|14

The Grass (link to video)  

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Hemp! Here are those who use it and why prohibit – ECO Foundation (video YouTube)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji5pj194HO0 Uploaded on Apr 20, 2011 ECOfoundationTV | More information on : http://www.ecofoundation.it – The properties of hemp, from textiles to paper, ending all’ fuel oil, a plant in the secret ecology to help save the world. Provides reports for scoring this wonderful documentary. Possible therapeutic indications of Marijuana: Effetti stabiliti da

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Beppe Grillo on hemp (video YouTube)

Excerpt from a play by Beppe Grillo's 2006.

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Press release for the presentation of> * OnAir Magazine

PRESS RELEASE Editorial OnAir Magazine & nbsp; In view of the imminent release of the N. 0/1 OnAir Visions&Revolutions, the new quarterly Regeneration Eco-Syntonics, scheduled for the end of October 2014, with formal presentations scheduled in Palermo 25 October 2014 at the Teatro Garibaldi Kalsa and Rome in November …

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