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grass for ILVA

U s i f i t o t e r a p i c i d e l l a C a n n a b i s nei terreni inquinati di Taranto & surroundings.

"When about a year ago we presented the project in the Region of the young" drivers of change ", as they like to be called, technicians and experts Canapuglia, many did not understand fully the scope of that initiative, that had its start-up thanks to the Puglia Region and in the "active ingredients" of Hot Spirits.
On that occasion, together with the young users of cannabis for therapeutic use sensibilizzammo the president Vendola to make a commitment as a region in order to enact a law, poi stranded March, that would allow the cultivation of the plant to be used for the realization of the drug.
Today around Cerano and around Taranto, in Colonial Carmine family Fornaro, symbol of the price paid by agriculture and animal husbandry to large industrial, and hope that this project becomes a thing active.
This plant Cannabis Sativa and designing really change that we all hope, for a chain that can be also textile, building, food or for the production of energy ".
So says Councillor Agri-Resources of the Region of Puglia, Fabrizio Nardoni, that precisely in May last year presented the project of the CanaPuglia for the introduction of the cultivation of hemp in the polluted sites with new program of help and support, which regulate farmers, in areas affected by pollution.

"Soon after my appointment I asked the technicians and experts to work with the Office of attention on opportunities to offer in those areas where rural, breeding had been compromised by pollution and where he was going absolutely identified an opportunity for refreshment, but also rural policy appropriate. What we started with projects such as Canapuglia, and we are further corposamente structuring and also in the next PSR (Rural Development Programme) in preparing.

The design of the planting of hemp, timidly born a few years ago, Today is therefore fully support the policies of the Department of Agriculture intends to implement from the next support measures provided by rural policies and European funds.
Hemp as a big spoiler pollutants and soil remediation tool - comments Nardoni - but not all. "
"In a few months we will be the first evidence of the seeding hemp and from then on it will no longer just a hope but also an opportunity for economic and productive development that we have been able to plan but will also need to adequate space for the recognition and financial planning. Hemp seeds that were planted yesterday in Colonial Carmine is a future project that meets the ground of things real and tangible. They are the things you need to brave men and tenacious as Angelo and Vincenzo Fornaro, but are used primarily to a community, mine, who needs to get back to discuss prospects of eco-friendly but also credible and concrete.

Excerpts from Press Release Published 06 April 2014
"Seeds planted in the soil of what is true and tangible"

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