“because marijuana was prohibited”


Of marijuana (Spanish), o cannabis (latino) o hemp (English) is a plant that could be called miraculous, and has a long history as much as that of humanity. The only plant that can be grown at any latitude, from the equator to Scandinavia, has many healing properties, grows fast, it costs very little to maintain, provides a high quality oil (easy to digest), and has provided, the most ancient civilizations up to the beginning of the last century, approximately 80 percent of each type of paper, textile fiber, and fuel that mankind has ever used.

And then, what happened? And’ success in that period occurred the dramatic overtaking industry to the detriment of agriculture, and this overtaking cannabis was clearly the victim number one.

The nascent US industry groups aimed mainly to the exploitation of oil for energy (Standard Oil – Rockefeller), of forest resources for paper (editore Hearst), and man-made fibers for clothing (Dupont) - All areas in which they had invested large amounts of money. But they faced, each on its own soil, This powerful opponent, and joined it to form an alliance strong enough to beat it.
The only way to be able to slice through the legs of a giant of that size proved the Ban. Lawlessness. He left then a media operation of demonization, Quick, extended ed efficace (“drug of the devil”, “damn grass” etc.. ), thanks to the same Hearst newspapers (is the famous character of Citizen Kane / Kane, di O. Wells), who had one in almost every major city. Sensitive to the cash, and always looking for topics easy to hold popular, Hollywood followed suit willingly to maneuver, contributing decisively to put the seal on the coffin of cannabis (a sin. the poster of the movie “Marijuana: killer of youth – Un tiro, party, a tragedy”).

The moral condemnation was traveling fast and unchallenged from coast to coast (there was no counter!), and from there on to pass a law that would put cannabis was outlawed child's play. Also because it seems that three-quarters of the senators who approved the famous “Marijuana Tax Act” of 1937, still in force, did not know that marijuana and cannabis were the same: it was the genius of Hearst to introduce the nickname, shuffling the cards for the occasion.
The fact is that from that moment Dupont flooded the market with its synthetic fibers (nylon, teflon, lycra, kevlar, All trademarks are original Dupont), the car market is finally addressed the use of the gasoline engine (the first engine built to work with Diesel fuel plant), and Hearst began the systematic destruction of the forests of South America, wood from which he drew in a short time the paper enough to bring down the little that was left of competition.

The choir of benefactors joined the consortium later tobacconists, who generously offered to remedy all of a sudden "market gap" with a product one hundred times more harmful than cannabis itself.

E le “Multinational” Today, that strongly influence all major Western governments, are not the direct descendants of the historical alliance, born in the '30s, among the great industrial families. (If someone were to ask why did not the cannabis is legalized for medical use, that, despite the positive findings in that regard).

As a textile product, Cannabis is about four times softer than cotton, four times more hot, it has three times the tear strength, takes infinitely more, has fire retardant properties, and requires no pesticide for growing. Come fuel, with the same return, costs about one-fifth, and as support for printing approximately one-tenth.

We made the deal of the century.
Written by Massimo Mazzucco for luogocomune.net

Massimo Mazzucco, Italian film director and journalist, runs from 2003 Website Luogocomune.net, engaged in the dissemination of conspiracy theories.
In the 2011 wrote and produced the video The true story of Marijuana.
Source: Luogocomune.net

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