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Online NumeroCinque *> Revelation

I n v i s t a d e l l ‘ u s c i t a del NumeroSette che segna un nuovo ciclo editoriale e inaugura la nuova versione di OnAir, we publish online the full pdf NumeroCinque *>Rivelazione Clicca sui link RIVELAZIONE_Pagine 1-41 RIVELAZIONE_Pagine 42-64 RIVELAZIONE_Pagine 65-84  

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work in progress—–> Numerodue

WE ARE “ROLLANDO”…NUMBER 2 ….and will stand ready at power and tasting for early March

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La Fenice nests in pavements & gt; * The editorial Numerouno OnAir

"THE PHOENIX IS THE NEST IN pavements ................" "What has been will not. Nothing escapes this LAW "A FEW MONTHS AGO, when it all started, WANTED FROM this sentence Louis Pawels, author with Jacques Bergier de "The Morning of the Magicians and historical director of the international magazine PLANET, to take stock of what …

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Press release for the presentation of> * OnAir Magazine

PRESS RELEASE Editorial OnAir Magazine & nbsp; In view of the imminent release of the N. 0/1 OnAir Visions&Revolutions, the new quarterly Regeneration Eco-Syntonics, scheduled for the end of October 2014, with formal presentations scheduled in Palermo 25 October 2014 at the Teatro Garibaldi Kalsa and Rome in November …

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