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Water Passata.Out from the loop.Editoriale N.7,,it,4th edition,,it,Naples,,it,Victory is a shock,,it,legalized,,en,T11,,en,Q u a n d o s i c o n o s c e u n a c o s a d a l P r i n c i p i o,,en,and it has been seen to grow,,it,one immediately realizes the changes that it manifests,,it,It is the case of the,,it,Secret Cup Napoli,,en,who arrived this year at the Fourth Edition,,it,changes step and re-launches as a Political Initiative,,it,of Cannabis Activism,,it,real reference point for the Cannabis Law in Italy,,it,The event takes place every year in Naples,,it,with the main purpose of spreading and implementing practices of resistance against all forms of prohibition and restriction,,it,Every year dozens of,,it,competitors,,en

S o n o p a s s a t i d i c i a s s e t t e i n t e n s i m e s i da quando scrivevo l’editoriale del numero 6. Era un numero “speciale” di OnAir: un nuovo formato, più pagine e nuove importanti collaborazioni

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…Ssshhh! It airs> * The editorial NumeroZero OnAir

… s s h h h ! A b b a s s a r e l ’ a u d i o e s t e r n o , regular spots, turn on the light of attention. And will in onda: On Air. Welcome to this first transmission, from our studies, …

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